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The 4 Facebook Ad Types

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Recently I've started setting up pages for a few local businesses of mine. So I've been playing with Facebook ads. On at least 2 occasions, I've accidentally hit the "Promote Page" button in the admin panel without remembering to target the ad -- and then quickly toasted my ad budget within seconds.

For an international company like Post Planner, identifying these targets can be a daunting task -- since so many Facebook users could be potential customers. We bring the task down to earth by first targeting certain countries -- for example, "rich, English-speaking" countries: For this business, it makes no sense to target my ads at anyone outside a mile radius -- which is my delivery area.

I typically target women -- since they're the decision-makers when it comes to kid birthday parties. Want to take the learning even further? Grab your copy of our free infographic below. You'll be glad you did! View Hide comments 8. Let's just admit it. There's just no way around it. But things change -- and those times are gone. The 4 Facebook Ad Types Before getting into the tips, let's summarize the main types of Facebook ads: What Should You Advertise on Facebook?

But mix it up! You can create Facebook ads for your: Wow, is one hell of a year. Sure, it's not quite as cool as your edited GoPro footage from your mountain bike trip last weekend, but it's easy to show your friends what you're doing right then and there. And w hether you acknowledge it or not, your phone is a pocket-sized video production studio.

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