Can't Connect to Skype

1. Check Skype Heartbeat

Skype Can’t Connect: 5 Ways to Fix on Windows 10 Easily!
I have a problem with my skype, skype is not getting login in my mobile but in other mobiles it's opening. I can hear other people fine but they often cant hear me: What could be the problem? It just showing call failed no any reason please solve this. Have you had any experience on Skype to landline calls?

3. Confirm Audio Hardware

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Try all ways I know already. Foxnews apps also does not work. We just downloaded SKYPE and when trying to call my computer rings as though it were an incoming call and it doesn't go through to the other party. Everytime i log in skype It just says Check your Internet connections. I m using wifi in my Samsung J2 android phone n it's signal strength is very strong. Everything works but not skype.

The skype I have downloaded is version 7. My skype is not working. What should i do to fix it? Skype does not connect. No reason is given My contact shows an empty icon. On my skype whenever I pick up a call or if someone else does it automatically ends and says "problem with recording device" I even tried calling echo but it just ended and said the same thing.

My skype idk what my your name really sad and when I went on my mail A count and I looked at my mail account it dose not say the code: I Skype almost daily with family. All of a sudden my video picture quit displaying.

I can hear them but not see them. All is fine on their end they can see me and they can see themselves. What setting could be causing this? I have subscription for one month of mins but it's not working now I have just used 21 mins now when I am calling to any mobile no. It just showing call failed no any reason please solve this. Hi my name is Mwamba and my problem is that whenever i try to call friends my caller id displays another numbers yet i want it to display only the number that i bought so what could be the cause and the solution?

HI i can hear other person voice on skype but other persons cannot hear my voice what i m speaking. Idk wit to do it say over and over: Unfortunately, Skype has stopped. What do I do?!?! It won't lemme uninstall it even. I have a Acer tablet BTW. Hi Before when I make video call in Skype its automatically connect but now it goes to emergency dial? During a call, my skype started to freeze and then logged me out, however, my wifi was still working and I was not being DoS'd or anything.

When I tried to log back in, it would not let me- I used 9 different passwords one of which should have worked It then displayed this message when it did not let me to enter my account: This leads me to believe the skype has been hijacked. This is obviously quite a big problem, but if skype would let me get the email address from my username, that would work.

Why am I suddenly not able to use Skype without signing in eventhough I had it working perfectly well one day and the next day I am signed out. It then prompts to ask whether I have a skype account or not. I click yes and keep getting a "skype isn't responding I have a problem with my skype, skype is not getting login in my mobile but in other mobiles it's opening.

How I can recover from this problem. Skype can't seem to access your webcam -- restarting your computer might help if following the instructions in the message didn't work. If you still need more help, try asking on MakeUseOf Answers, where you'll get faster replies from more people: I have installed skype, but i cant sign in, whenever I try, there is only a blue window appearing,I first thought it was my connection but my cousin can use skype very well with his computer, and we using the same connection.

I click on video call, I hear the typical tick-tock sound, but no ringing. Whe the other party tries to video call me, there is also no ringing. I run the test call and it seems to work well. What else should I try? I've just downloaded on my laptop and I get 'Skype Home unavailable please try later' but it works fine on my iphone can anyone help.

Well, you might want to try again later -- one part of Skype could not be working properly. If that doesn't help, try asking on MakeUseOf Answers, where you'll get a faster response from more people: I don't receive chats or phone calls when they occur - usually a day or two later the notification will come through that I missed a call or chats are waiting.

Sometimes I'll get a text from someone that they are trying to chat so I'll immediately check and there is nothing to be found until a day or two have passed and the time stamp will be from when they told me they sent the message. Even if I quit and re-start the chats don't appear. Not sure what the problem is? I'm not sure either, you'll get more, faster ideas by asking on MakeuseOf Answers: On my phone 4so has the skype app is loaded, however I cannot call either numbers or other skype addresses, can you help me?

I can't really answer this without more information -- even if I knew your exact phone model I'm not sure I could. I recommend you ask on MakeUseOf Answers, you'll get better, faster answers: The messages keep scrolling to the wrong place, The person I am writing to can read.

The scrolling always goes to the same place, about 10 messages back. Well after my iphone 4s received the latest update, video calls stopped working on skype on my iphone. Skype is NOT working definitely. Well it works now and then. We have skype in all house iphones, and is rare the moment it works. So If nobody gives me a solution we will remove it. My problem with skype is that I can't make a video call and when they someone calls me audio is okay but they can't see me.

What could be the problem? Whenever I checked video settings it's all fine. Thanks for the help guys. It's a bit hard for me to troubleshoot problems in the comments here -- you'll get a better and faster answer by asking on MakeUseOf Answers:. Is there any reason you can't close the conversation and then block the user? That's what blocking them would do anyway, right? Have had Toshiba pc since Dec Skype worked fine until about a year ago. The video freezes and then disconnects saying it's a bad connection.

We can go to a coffee shop and not have a problem. Very annoying to have to do this. We are skyping with our daughter in Washington state. Have 2 small grandkids to communicate with and patience only goes so far. It's hard for me to troubleshoot problems in the comments here -- you'll get a better and faster answer by asking on MakeUseOf Answers:.

I can make calls from my computer, and I can make calls from my handset to Skype ID. I can receive calls from any number both on the computer and on the handset. However I cannot make calls to either mobile or land line numbers from the handset. I spent 3 hours both on the phone and on chat with Skype but all they did was come up with illogical causes for the problem, which I disproved to them one by one, and finally they refused to help.

They told me to call GE, although I bought the phone from Skype. They are passing the buck to GE, the company whose logo appears on the handset although GE does not make telephones, only sells them under their name. Skype not only refuses to offer me a solution but also refuses to return my money and cancel the subscription. I recommend you post your question on MakeUseOf Answers: They should really refund you your money if it doesn't work have you tried escalating to a manager?

If they won't, well, this may be one of the situations credit card chargebacks are designed for. I'm having an issue where I can be heard, but I hear nothing. Sound checks show movement for both mic and speakers, though. Audio also works fine for everything else. If it helps, I'm on Windows 7. My problem is that, when another person and I speak simultaneously, my partner's audio is drowned out.

For example, when I'm laughing in his mid-sentence, I can't hear the rest of what he has to say during my laugh. He said he could hear me fine regardless though. Hmm, drowned out -- does that mean you can hear your own sound in your headphones? FOr example, when you speak into your microphone, can you hear everything you're saying in your headphones? Not sure what OS you're using, but if you're running into that problem, doing something like this may solve it: Everything works well with my skype except that it sounds like a toilet is constantly being flushed!!!

Get a bit irritating after a while and sometimes you cant hear anything but "flush" sounds!! Doesnt matter who I call skype,landline,mobiles its the same. I can hear other people fine but they often cant hear me: Mic n all that is set well.

Problem has gotten worse since downloading the latest version! Maybe you re just having problems with your Internet connection. Your computer and its internet connection seem to be the only common thread between the problems.

Using the same PC, internet and webcam I got good sound quality, Skype to Skype When I call landlines sound quality is always definitely worse. There is no break up of conversation, it just sounds worse and less lifelike I get the same problem if I call my own landline and listen to the voicemall. I've rarely used that feature, but it sounds like it's a problem on Skype's end -- either that or a problem with the local landlines.

Since that's a feature you pay for, you may want to contact Skype customer support and get them to look into it. I downloaded skype a few days ago but I was unable to open my account. Every time I click on "New account" i get the message after a while that "Internet Explorer cannot open the website". If the troubleshooting steps did not work, please check the private message I sent you for further discussion. August 31, Update on Skype 7 Skype classic. Tell us about your experience with our site.

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question Hello kevinki , Welcome to Skype Community forum!

For the meantime, please follow these steps and let us know if the issue persists: Make sure you're using the latest version of Internet Explorer. Open the Skype folder and delete shared. In the same folder, look for your Skype name then double-click it and delete config file.

Restart your computer and re-install Skype. Try signing in to your account. We look forward to your reply.

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gas-bg.galed skype on a chromebook (yes, a hack I know). created a ms account and get to the login page for skype. login and then am prompted to continue. It then prompts to ask whether I have a skype account or not. Aug 03,  · How to fix skype can't connect problem In Window 8 / 7 & 10 - Duration: usmanalitoo , views. skype settings for android tablet - for my family to Author: Anet Computers. Clients connect to the server through many components. In this article, we’ll look at what needs to be done if you can't log into skype for business.