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American Netflix DNS Codes PS4 or XBOX One
The first, and most important, perhaps, is the fact that VPNs offer a wider level of security that is not found on a DNS proxy server. None of these codes working for me in the UK. Poll Has been updated: The 30 day unconditional money back guarantee applies to all plans. Now we go back to the Configure Network screen from above. So why bother with American Netflix, then?

How to change Netflix region – Smart DNS


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Resolvers query the DNS using fixed (static) IP addresses of one or more DNS servers. On a home network, DNS server addresses can be configured once on a broadband router and automatically picked up by client devices, or the addresses can be configured on each client individually. Instructions on how to change your iPad’s DNS server numbers: On your iPad home screen click Settings. Click on Wi-Fi. The available wireless networks in range of your iPad are shown. Find your wireless network in the list and click it. Click on the DNS field and delete the previous numbers. Enter the new DNS server. US Netflix contains more than double the movies and series compared to Netflix Canada. Fortunately, there are two ways, Smart DNS and VPN, that allow Netflix subscribers to change & switch Netflix regions and access more content.