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Sorry, they didn't specify the length of the promotion. Is there any option for it? Watch Live Games Anywhere Don't pay more then you need with this miraculous offer: Also don't have to have the VPN on to watch the game! Also, what VPN you use?

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Be budget savvy and enjoy amazing deals, free shipping offers, incredible gifts and more while shopping with Nba. I'll do some digging Crazy - I sorted a 24hr trial for a VPN today and then my net crashed so I didn't finish it, must be an omen! Wasn't letting me pay through PayPal either - did you need to set up a new account from scratch? Now I've done some testing. If you buy from India you need to log on from India to stream. However, you can log on from India using VPN and then turn it off and you can still stream on all devices.

I'm guessing the session starts from India and therefore is okay, not sure for how long. So if one is willing to go through the hassle of a VPN to start watching each time, it's possible. But it's too much work for me, and I got enough money to pay for it straight up.

They won, I guess. I think NZ is the most or second most expensive place for league pass. They may have just lost my money completely now. Thanks heaps for the heads up - appreciate it. That one doesnt need the constant VPN connection apparantly. Still bit cheaper then your native prices! As a developer it sounds fishy. It's weird they would implement something different for India when they clearly have the functionality to restrict access: Is this still working for you?

I was able to pay for it and everything but I can't seem to actually watch any games even with the vpn set to india. Thanks for sharing this -- would you know until when this promo code is active? I'm considering signing up, but want to think a bit further.

Sorry, they didn't specify the length of the promotion. But please read my other post in this chain regarding access without VPN so you don't waste money.

May I confirm your India-based package is still working with you, with the season now fully underway, since your note days ago? Quick follow-up, may I also ask if you've tried Chromecast with LP? Presumably after closing the VPN. Got it working with tab mirroring in full screen -- but only in Chrome Canary That's the question that I think we all are looking for. Last year, as long as you bought it outside of the US, you could watch it anywhere outside of the US or Mainland China, and you then weren't subject to any of the US or Canada blackouts either.

I hope it is the same this year, but it seems like it might not be. As a data point, last year's NFL season allowed me to sign up in Europe, but watch most of the games while I was in Asia. Going to wait til the free trial period is up and go from there. I'm going to go through Mexico I think, if it works then that's gravy.

I guess I'll look into VPNs Don't need a vpn to log in. I used to vpn https: We have 24 hours free trial https: Ridiculous that its more. Expensive and less expensive by region I don't feel unethical for doing it that way in the slightest!

Also don't have to have the VPN on to watch the game! I'm interested in this as I've done it successfully for the last 2 years. If I log in to an international country it just spins. If I log into the US then it won't let me select to begin streaming.

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A: NBA League Pass will offer a limited number of Free Preview periods during the NBA season. The first begins on October 16 and runs through October From NBA League Pass Premium to NBA League Pass VR, we have packages available to fit every fan. Select the best option for you. i want to buy the League Pass Premium (which is available in Germany where I live), but the country with the cheapest price (Brazil in my case) and all the others I tried just offer one version of the League Pass.