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If you have upgraded or downgraded the operating system on your computer, the HP application recovery process might not work. You'll likely be prompted to reboot your computer after the installation. Javascript is disabled in this browser. The downloads we attempted through this app took a very long time to complete, sometimes between five and ten minutes. I have Windows 7 Professional 32 bit and I can not find help on google ever software update all the hardware drivers on my PC.

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Software for my printer, scanner, or camera If you have an HP printer, scanner, or camera, HP posts software and drivers on the support site for each particular product. These software and drivers are not included on the computer support pages. That is, you cannot find a printer driver from the software and driver download page for your HP computer.

If a Let's identify your product to get started page displays, select your product type, type the model name of your HP printer, scanner, or camera, and then click Submit. If you have a printer, scanner, camera, or other device that was not provided by HP, you must look for software from the manufacturer of the device. Linux drivers Linux is developed in the open source community and drivers can usually be found from postings on community sites. For more information about Linux and how this operating system applies to HP and Compaq computers, please refer to one of the following HP support documents.

It is an open source operating system that provides basic operating system functionality on the computer. Download software and drivers Use a section to download drivers, software, and updates from HP or from Microsoft:. Download software and drivers from HP HP provides many free software and driver downloads.

If a Let's identify your product to get started page displays, click Laptop or Desktop. Type the model name for your computer in the Or, enter your serial number field, and then click Submit. If a Matching products web page opens, select your model number from the list.

The software results page for your computer displays with the default operating system selected. If you need to change the operating system, click Change , select your version, and then click Change. If you cannot find the operating system you want in the list, HP does not have drivers for that operating system. See the other sections within this page for other ways you can find software and drivers.

From the list of available software and driver categories, click the category name, and then click Download. If you see more than one download available for a component such as several DVD firmware updates , you need to identify which component is installed in your computer, and then download the appropriate file. Use this information to identify the download needed for your product. Depending on your browser, use one of the following methods to download and install the software or driver:.

In Internet Explorer, a Security Warning displays with the choice to run or save the file. If you select Run , the file automatically downloads and the installation starts. If you select Save , the file downloads to your computer, and you can open the file at a later time. If you select Save , it is important to remember where you save the file so you can open it later.

In Mozilla Firefox, click Save File. The file downloads and a Downloads window opens. When the download is complete, double-click the file in the Downloads window. Microsoft has an extensive library of software, drivers, and updates available for free download. HP and many of its partners work with Microsoft to provide drivers through Windows Update. Download drivers, software, and updates by using Windows Update. Use Windows Update regularly to install critical updates that help protect your computer against viruses and malicious attacks.

Connect to the Internet and go to www. Follow the directions in the Windows Update page to set up Windows Update and install the software updates. Install all critical updates first to help keep your Internet connection secure.

If you are looking for drivers, they can be found as optional updates from the list of available updates. Due to file sizes, number of updates, and download time, use Windows Update when the computer is not being used for other activities.

For more detailed information about using Windows Update to install drivers and get updates for Windows software, go to Updating Drivers and Software with Windows Update Windows 10, 8, 7.

Another great way to quickly get updated drivers from Microsoft is to open Device Manager, right-click the name of the device, and select Update Driver Software. Restore original drivers or software Windows When a program does not work properly, becomes infected with malware, or you want to revert to the original version, you can restore or reinstall the original software or drivers. Get updates from the maker of the software or hardware Many companies provide free software and driver updates for their products.

HP and Compaq computers come with a wide variety of hardware components and software titles provided by HP partners. If you are having an issue with a software title or hardware device driver and you cannot find an update from HP, try looking at the product manufacturer's website.

Do not install BIOS updates from the motherboard manufacturer's website. Doing so can prevent the computer from accepting an HP System Recovery. Updates from the product manufacturer's websites Product manufacturers provide technologies used on many HP and Compaq computers. Many hardware component manufacturers have their own website with driver downloads. You can find information about your computer hardware from the product specifications for your computer model. Search the HP Customer Support website using the name of your computer model plus the word specifications.

The following list provides links to manufacturer sites that provide hardware that go into HP computers:. Downloads can be found in the support section. Creative Downloads in English. Intel Download Center in English.

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft software, and many hardware drivers: Microsoft Download Center in English. You can also use Windows Update. Realtek sound hardware and codecs: Realtek Downloads in English.

VIA Arena in English. Frequently asked questions FAQs about software and drivers Review this list of frequently asked questions about drivers and software. I installed a different version of Windows on my computer and cannot find drivers. What do I do? Find and download software or drivers from the hardware manufacturer. Unless otherwise specified, HP does not support software that did not originally come with the computer because the product is changed to a configuration that HP did not design.

See your warranty for details. Also, do not upgrade or downgrade an operating system without first finding compatible drivers for all the components on your computer.

If you must change the operating system, burn a recovery disc set to restore the computer if compatibility problems occur. Find the names of the various hardware components on your computer. The most important component is the chipset because it can drive many of the onboard components such as network, sound, and even video. You can find the name and manufacturer of many components on the product specifications for your computer model.

Then, check the manufacturer's website for the driver. Find and install the latest chipset driver package for the new operating system. The chipset contains core driver functionality for onboard components such as sound and networking.

If your computer does not have an Internet connection, download the chipset from another computer and save it to a CD or USB storage device to transfer it to your computer. For more help on where to find chipsets and other downloads, see the preceding section, Getting updates from the maker of the software or hardware. After you have found and installed the chipset, download and install the latest drivers for any components that are not functioning.

For example, if you do not hear any sound from your computer and it uses Realtek high-definition audio, download and install a new high-definition sound driver from either Microsoft or Realtek's website. If drivers are unavailable and the hardware component is not working, you might need to replace the component. For example, if you changed your operating system from Windows Vista to Linux and a Linux sound driver is not available, install a sound card and driver that is compatible with Linux.

Many driver version numbers can be found using Device Manager. Double-click the name of the component, and then click the Driver tab in the properties window. To find the software version number, click Help , then click About.

The location of the version number varies for some software. For some computers built in and later with UEFI environment, press the power button and immediately press the Esc key repeatedly to open the Startup menu. For most computers built from to , press the power button and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly.

For some computers built before , press the power button and immediately press the F1 key repeatedly. How do I restore or reinstall the original software and drivers that came with my computer? When a program does not work properly, becomes infected with malware, or you want to revert to the original version, you can restore or reinstall the original software or drivers.

Where is the driver? Where can I find software or drivers for my printer, scanner, or camera? If you have an HP printer, scanner, or camera, HP posts software and drivers on the support site for each particular product. Why can't I find a driver that fixes my computer problem?

If your computer is experiencing a problem, a driver update might be available to fix the problem. However, many problems cannot be solved by installing software or driver updates. Instead, try searching the HP Customer Support website for the computer problem or error message. The following list shows common types of drivers and associated problems that might be resolved by updating the driver:. Loss of sound, audio device not found errors, and quality problems such as popping noises.

Problems with sleep, suspend, hibernate, startup, shutdown, or meeting the minimum requirements for an operating system upgrade. BIOS updates should not be performed unless you know that the update addresses the problem. The recognition of new brands of discs, burn speed, and burn quality. Extra buttons and special keys stop working. TV playback performance, poor sound quality when watching TV, and video capturing quality. Unsupported display resolutions, movie playback performance, and problems that occur in 3D games.

If an updated driver does not fix your computer problem, then try searching the HP Customer Support website or the Internet for a troubleshooting solution not a driver. How do I download a driver to install on another computer?

Then move the external media to the other computer and install the driver. They do not require updates. Where can I find a driver that upgrades the USB standard? The port hardware must be capable of supporting the 2. However, if the computer displays messages about connecting a USB 2. Use the Device Manager to get any available updates for Windows 7 or later. Connect to the Internet if the computer is not already connected. In Device Manager, expand Other devices. If Other devices is not listed, Windows was able to identify and set up all plug and play hardware on the computer.

Test the USB device again. If the message still displays, continue using these steps. If the message no longer opens, you are done. Right-click the name of one of the Universal Host controllers and select Update Driver software.

If any downloads were installed, test the USB device to see if the message continues to display. Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Originally Posted by Gregadethhh.

The best checker tool is the manufacturers website. Don't use 3rd party apps for driver searching as they can cause more problems when they make a mistake. If you are not having problems there really isnt much point getting newer drivers. Or if your hardware isn't doing something it should. The only place you are likely to see a performance increase is by having the latest graphics driver.

Note that both sites offer a load of possibly useful bloatware like control panels and things which I tend to avoid but you may install them at your discretion. HP Elitebook p i5 2. Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and Professional.

Manufacturer website is nice, but rather time consuming. For the laptop I'm currently fighting, HP has about 30 drivers available for download, this doesn't count any third party downloads. Originally Posted by tgwicklund. Manufacturer website is nice, but rather time consuming.. Windows 7 Professional x Proudspire Manor - Solitude.

What it boils down to is that finding drivers is best left to two things: The users themselves and Windows Update. Usually I'd suggest the latter being manually update drivers can cause issues. Even from a manufacturer website where a not so experienced user might download a driver that causes problems or needs fixing.

While rolling back drivers isn't difficult or complex, I still usually suggest just letting Windows do it's own thing unless you're really certain there's a better driver available that's safe to use. Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Pleasant Good Day My name is Peto please you as much name calling is the best driver update software for my motherboard graphics hardware all an update.

OS Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. I have Windows 7 Professional 32 bit and I can not find help on google ever software update all the hardware drivers on my PC. This is what it says, Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service. What should I do? How can I analyze CBS. Is there an easy way to do it? I saw a few threads regarding the System File Checker Tool. As my computer has crashed recently, I decided to use the System File Checker Tool to fix corrupted windows files.

The results stated that there are corrupted files but it can't fix some of them. As can be seen by my numerous posts, I seem to have a lot of problems so I've been reading about things to try. I'm a n00b with a big yellow streak down my back so need some advice. I'm thinking about either chkdsk or SFC or both. Do they perform different tasks?

Downloading or Updating Software and Drivers for HP Computers

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We added outdated drivers to a test computer, then installed driver update software, scanned the computer and recorded the issues it found. Also, always check the source of the updated driver – if it doesn't come from the hardware’s manufacturer, don't update it. Driver Update Software: What We Tested, What We Found. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. SlimDrivers is a good free option if you want a quick way to check for driver updates for various programs on your computer. SlimDrivers updates driver software for all popular computer device /5(K).