Top Ten Most-Destructive Computer Viruses

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Top 20 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All Time
In rapid succession, IT professionals witnessed the unleashing of both the Blaster and Sobig worms. When visiting certain websites, you may get pop-up alerts that claim to have found malware or viruses on your computer. F would usually arrive in emails with the subject as Re: Instead, the target was servers. It helped in creating backdoor access, which allows remote access to the server. F Estimated Damage: SQL Slammer is the fast-spreading computer worm that infected most of its 75, victims within ten minutes.

Top 10 Most Destructive Computer Virus Ever 2018

Top 5 Most Destructive Computer Viruses of All Time

Due to the sheer volume of emails that it was able to send, the worm eventually brought down computer traffic in Washington, D. Perhaps the biggest, or at least most damaging, of all 5 top computer viruses, MyDoom definitely takes the cake. He added doom into it, believing that this worm would be huge.

And he was not wrong. The worm appears as an email transmission error and has an attachment of itself. What do you think of these nasty viruses? Ever come across any of them? If so, what did you do to solve the issue? Let us know in the comments below! Christina is a community manager and the heart, the voice and the soul of NordVPN.

She is always up for a conversation with our community of users and blog readers. How can you protect yourself? Update your antivirus software. Nonetheless, check regularly to make sure the software is up to date.

Do not click on links or attachments in suspicious emails. A lot of hacking and malware efforts succeed because people trust emails received from random strangers. This is known as phishing , and it happens to many people. It allows hackers to steal your financial information and other sensitive data. The virus unlocks the computer system allowing a remote control access to it and then it could also initiate series of DDoS attacks.

The Sasser and Netsky outbreaks are one of the most fruitful computer worms to have hit the Windows Operating System. Sasser and Netsky are two similar but separate viruses; Netsky first appeared in Febuary while Sasser was released in April Netsky works like most conventional viruses; it is transmitted and spread via email.

It had different variants, each producing different results [source: On Friday, January 19, Some versions of the Storm Worm fool the victim into downloading the program through fake links promising access to hot stories.

The email promises a link to access full details of the story in the subject. The Storm Worm is reportedly to have originated from Russia [Source: The Storm Worm is largely considered as the worst and biggest virus attacks on Personal Computers in decades and by July of Postini claimed it had detected more than million emails carrying links to the Storm Worm during an attack that lasted several days [source: These are the most destructive computer viruses in decades.

Like the Storm Worm which still exists, users who are security conscious can easily detect it. Receiving the email does nothing but avoiding attempts to click on links that promises access to ambiguous stories can do a lot. The best rule would be to apply caution on mails from unfamiliar people and ensuring regular updates of your antivirus software.

First identified in , it managed to compromise thousands of FTP accounts and computers from large multinational corporations and banks such as Amazon, Oracle, Bank of America, Cisco, etc. Controllers of the Zeus botnet used it to steal the login credentials of social network, email and banking accounts.

The entire operation was sophisticated, involving people from around the world to act as money mules to smuggle and transfer cash to the ringleaders in Eastern Europe. In late , the creator of Zeus announced his retirement but many experts believe this to be false.

Also known as Downup or Downadup , Conficker is a worm of unknown authorship for Windows that made its first appearance in The name comes form the English word, configure and a German pejorative. It infects computers using flaws in the OS to create a botnet. The malware was able to infect more than 9 millions computers all around the world, affecting governments, businesses and individuals.

The worm works by exploiting a network service vulnerability that was present and unpatched in Windows. Once infected, the worm will then reset account lockout policies, block access to Windows update and antivirus sites, turn off certain services and lock out user accounts among many.

Then, it proceeds to install software that will turn the computer into a botnet slave and scareware to scam money off the user. Microsoft later provided a fix and patch with many antivirus vendors providing updates to their definitions.

Believed to have been created by the Israeli Defence Force together with the American Government, Stuxnet is an example of a virus created for the purpose of cyberwarfare , as it was intended to disrupt the nuclear efforts of the Iranians.

The computer worm was designed to attack industrial Programmable Logic Controllers PLC , which allows for automation of processes in machinery. It specifically aimed at those created by Siemens and was spread through infected USB drives.

If the software is there, it will then proceed to alter the speed of the machinery, causing it to tear apart. Siemens eventually found a way to remove the malware from their software. It was named by McAfee employee Craig Schmugar, one of the people who had originally discovered it. The worm spreads itself by appearing as an email transmission error and contains an attachment of itself.

The payload itself is twofold: It was believed that the worm was created to disrupt SCO due to conflict over ownership of some Linux code. CryptoLocker is a form of Trojan horse ransomware targeted at computers running Windows.

It uses several methods to spread itself , such as email, and once a computer is infected, it will proceed to encrypt certain files on the hard drive and any mounted storage connected to it with RSA public key cryptography. While it is easy enough to remove the malware from the computer, the files will still remain encrypted.

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2) Conficker Virus ()In , a new computer worm crawled its way into millions of Windows-based PCs around the world, creating a massive botnet army of remotely controlled computers capable of stealing financial data and other information. Its complexity made it difficult to stop, and the virus prompted the creation of a coalition of . May 02,  · Top 10 Most Destructive Computer Virus Ever The thought of a computer virus sends a shiver across the spine. A virus not only corrupts the operating system but also steals confidential information. Even after using a leading computer virus protection application, you can still see a few malware 5/5(2). Unleashed from Taiwan in June of , CIH is recognized as one of the most dangerous and destructive viruses ever. The virus infected Windows 95, 98, and ME executable files and was able to remain resident in a PC's memory, where it .