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PeerBlock VS VPN – What to use to be safe online
Your 'anonymous IP address' will be the one that shows up in a torrent swarm. Website status The Pirate Bay's official domain. Also when you pay for a VPN you are being provided a service so the only way for authorities to see your Internet traffic would be to get a warrant to access those servers. PeerBlock is a useful solution for torrent users who want to keep their activities protected from those who want to monitor them. Which VPN do I use?

The Importance of choosing a 'non-logging' provider

PeerBlock vs VPN

This is done by denying access to your computer from agency IP addresses thus preventing them from knowing you are part of a torrent swarm. Generally, the idea of IP blacklists is flawed. Specifically, the idea that dedicated torrent monitoring companies are unable to easily subvert something as fragile as an IP blacklist seems like wishful thinking. While the concepts of blacklisting and whitelisting as they pertain to computer security may seem similar, they are very different.

Whitelisting allows only the IP addresses you have explicitly listed to connect to your computer. Blacklisting allows every IP address except the ones you have explicitly listed to connect. Both concepts have their place, but blacklisting is much less reliable. The reason the concept of IP blacklists is flawed is because of the dynamic nature of IP addresses.

Further, in the case of torrent monitoring, the companies involved in this have a vested interest in avoiding your blacklist, so they employ a wide range of tools to avoid detection.

There are a number of IP lists broken down into categories like agencies and countries. This is a fairly typical example of how transient IP addresses can be. They can then participate in the same torrent swarms that you are participating in and will be able to see your IP address. The above screenshot of the BitTorrent client for MacOS shows how readily available the IP addresses of other participants in a swarm are.

The bottom frame of the main window contains the reverse DNS of everyone seeding the torrent being downloaded. It also appears that a subscription is required to keep IBlocklist lists up to date, although I was able to initially add lists to PeerBlock without a problem. To update the lists without purchasing them, Peerblock must be completely uninstalled and reinstalled. All VPNs are not created equal. Even better, you can use both simultaneously for even stronger protection.

Any VPN will probably work better than Peerblock when it comes to actually hiding your torrent activity assuming they actually allow torrents on their network. That's why the most of the VPN's featured on this site are torrent-friendly and 'non-logging'.

What you look like without a VPN. IP addresses of other peers downloading a Linux torrent. By using an anonymous VPN or proxy you can replace your true ip address with an untraceable ip provided by your VPN service. Ok, so now you know that: These are our 3 favorite providers offering torrent anonymity services.

If you're not sure whether you want a VPN or Proxy, we compared the two options. Each provider listed below has it's own advantages, but don't sweat the choice too much. The truth is, all 3 will work great so in the end it comes down to personal preference and usually price as well. There are a ton of features I love about PIA.

Why PIA is our most popular choice: And you can always take advantage of their 7 day money-back guarantee if you want to try another provider. Try PIA risk-free for 7 days. Check out our IPVanish review for full details and speed test results. No Logs Fastest VPN we've tested bit encryption Anonymous payments bitcoin excellent software 7 day refund policy The one downside of IPVanish is they don't offer proxy service, but most users prefer the 1-click simplicity of a VPN, instead of manually setting up a proxy in uTorrent anyway.

They are a true non-logging service based in the USA. Torguard's Torrent Proxy service, however, is the best non-logging torrent-friendly proxy service we've found. The best feature is the auto-installer torguard has built which will automatically configure your favorite torrent client utorrent, vuze, deluge, or bittorrent with the optimal proxy security settings, so there's no manual setup required. For more info, you can: Private Internet Access comparison.

The VPN is the simplest option.


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The Truth About Peerblock PeerBlock is a popular 'solution' for downloading torrents safely, largely because it's free. We believe that using PeerBlock creates a false sense of security, and often does more harm than good. PeerBlock is a firewall application that uses Internet Protocol (IP) blacklists to prevent certain IP addresses from connecting to your computer. One of the potential uses of PeerBlock is by torrenters to avoid detection from torrent monitoring agencies. PeerBlock VS VPN A Virtual Private Network is definitely a better solution than PeerBlock. The thought process is simple, when PeerBlock tries to block certain people from connecting from your computer, a VPN connection will simply hide your real IP address.